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Volumetric Concrete

Volumetric Concrete Why choose Ronimix?

  • High quality concrete delivered directly
  • Exact mixing ratios, on-site
  • Professionable, reliable service
  • Never pay for more than you need

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Volumetric Concrete

Volumetric Concrete

When you come to Ronimix you can benefit from the advantages of our innovative volumetric mixing trucks. Capable of delivering our high quality concrete directly to your site or location, our volumetric trucks mix your concrete on-site ensuring you receive the freshest concrete exactly when you need it.

Volumetric concrete has many practical benefits, including being able to mix the exact ratio you require on-site, whether you are undertaking a small, domestic DIY job or a larger, commercial construction project. This ensures you will have the precise amount of concrete you need for your specific job and only pay for what you use, eliminating the risk of over or under ordering.

Here at Ronimix we pride ourselves on our professional, reliable, convenient and cost-effective service and volumetric concrete ensures you will never be let down. When you call upon our assistance you never have to endure the frustrating task of estimating how much concrete you need and, because you only pay for what you use, it is in an incredibly affordable method of concrete supply. Simply give our friendly team a call today for more information!

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