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Concrete Pump

Concrete Pump Why choose Ronimix?

  • Ideal where high quality concrete is needed
  • Minimal waste & mess created
  • Avoid potential safety hazards
  • Large fleet of concrete pumps available

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Concrete Pump

Concrete Pump

Our pumped concrete is the ideal solution when trying to ensure the delivery of high quality concrete direct to your site or property. Using a concrete pump, as opposed to other methods of concrete transportation, also means the process is conducted with the minimal amount of mess, disruption and waste and you also avoid potential safety hazards that transportation such as wheelbarrows can pose.

Our concrete pump service ensures we can deliver your concrete to all locations, even ones which may be difficult to reach or which pose access issues. All vehicles come with two operators and 65 metres of pipe line, ensuring your concrete can be transported around obstacles, through properties and even upstairs. This flexible, convenient and efficient service guarantees you can rely on us for a professional service at all times, no matter what your individual circumstances.

However much concrete you require, and whether you are a domestic or commercial client, our superior grade concrete ensures results of the highest possible standard at prices which are always competitively low. Simply give the experts at Ronimix a call today for more information!

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